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April 2018

Personality Rights: A need for Legislation

                                      by, Ankita Aseri INTRODUCTION What are Personality Rights? The term ‘personality right’ is the right to control and profit from the… Continue Reading →

Performers Rights: Ambiguities in Section 38A

Ankita Aseri addresses the ambiguities contained in Sec. 38A of the Indian Copyright Act and explores inconsistencies in the Amendment and in widening the scope of the interpretation of ‘live performance’. She goes on to suggest the usage of harmonious construction to remedy these loopholes.

Protection of Fictional Characters under Copyright Law

Sonakshi Bannerjee studies how fictional characters are a protected form of expression and imagination within IP laws. This blog post deals with the extent of protection offered by Indian Copyright laws to fictional characters. It discusses the tests and doctrines that have developed over time in deciding the scope of protection offered to fictional characters as well as the forms of work.

Conferring Legal Personality on Artificial Intelligence: Determining Liability Rules

By, Samyukta Ramaswamy  The idea that humans would, at some point of time, be able to develop machines capable of “thinking” and “acting” for themselves has always been a very real possibility since the beginning of civilization.[i] Intelligent machines, or Artificial… Continue Reading →

Image Trademark

In light of the move of trademarking the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel opening up a new line for trademark registration on buildings image in India, Ankita Aseri discusses image trademarks in India using case laws and also addresses with the less favourable aspects of image trademarking in India.

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