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February 2020

The Conundrum Involving the Test for Copyright Infringement of Films

By, Nidhisha Garg On July 1, 2019, the High Court of Delhi delivered a significant ruling in the case of MRF Limited v. Metro Tyres Limited which has reconsidered the position with respect to the test for identifying copyright infringement… Continue Reading →

The Unaddressed Conundrum Surrounding Copyright Societies vis-a-vis Competition Law

By, Urshila Pandit & Sanah Javed Justice Peckham in the case of United States v. Trans-Missouri Freight Association[i] appositely stated “Nor is it for the substantial interests of the country that any one commodity should be within the sole power and subject… Continue Reading →

The Need to Crease Out ‘Inefficacy’ under the Indian Patent Regime: An Interpretational Study of Section 3(d) in Novartis AG v. Union of India

By, Harsh Singh & Arpita Saini INTRODUCTION The Supreme Court of India delivered a landmark judgment on 1 April 2013 with the Novartis AG v. Union of India[i] case, in an appeal brought by Novartis, a Swiss-based pharmaceutical giant. The… Continue Reading →

Can Elsa save Anna from Louboutin: The fuss around Anna’s boots and possible lawsuit against Disney

By, Manasvi Sharma   Of all the things Disney does, one of the things it probably does the best is marketing. With Frozen II hitting the theatres in November 2019 and entering the million-dollar club at Global Box Office,[1] the… Continue Reading →

The Ambiguity surrounding Section 31D

By, Ananya Sivadas In 2012, an amendment was made to the Copyright Act, 1957 introducing the highly disputed Section 31D giving effect to statutory license for broadcasting of literary and musical works and sound recording. The ambiguity that surrounds this… Continue Reading →

Understanding Parallel Imports and the Doctrine of Exhaustion in the Trademark Regime

By, Mayank Barman Known by names such as “Grey market imports” or “reimports”, parallel imports refer to the transnational distribution of goods produced legally. They are protected by Intellectual Property Rights such as Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights. There is nothing… Continue Reading →

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