1. Graffiti artist Futura is suing fashion brand The North Face, claiming the company is using a copy of his Atom design on its products without permission

In a complaint filed at the US District Court for the Central District of California, Futura (Leonard McGurr) said The North Face made no attempt to obtain authorization for use of a copy of his Atom design in a $20 million ad campaign without permission. Futura’s work has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The North Face has been using a design, which Futura says is a copy of his own, to promote its ‘Futurelight’ collection, including products such as climbing jackets. The North Face calls this new apparel line ‘Futurelight’. Futura states that the similarity of the graphic designs and the names is no coincidence. Futura is seeking an injunction barring the brand from using his work, as well as “exemplary or punitive damages”.

2. Trident receives European patent for ‘Fabric and Method of Manufacturing Fabric’

Trident has been granted a patent for “Fabric and Method of Manufacturing Fabric by European Patent office. The invention comprises a method of producing a fabric by subjecting the fabric to a special treatment, thereby obtaining increased air space in the resultant fabric. This will help the company deliver its special soft towels without usage of any chemical based fibers enabling it to save the environment and at the same time to deliver its soft luxury towels in European Market.

3. PTAB denies Nintendo IPR Challenge due to ITC investigation

When it comes to patent disputes, the International Trade Commission (ITC) has remained a viable option for several gaming companies, owing to its nature where a patent owner can have the U.S. government bar importation of products if found infringing. While the ITC does not provide monetary damages, it’s extremely fast schedule and willingness to bar importation of the infringing products makes it a desirable forum for patent owners. The desirability of the forum however increased recently with the PTAB decision in the Nintendo case (Nintendo Co., Ltd. And Nintendo of America Inc., v. Gamevice, Inc.) where the board seemed unwilling to grant IPR challenges for patents being asserted in ITC investigations. The suit filed by Nintendo was denied on discretionary grounds rather than on deficiencies and the PTAB in its decision held that under 35 U.S.C. ¶314(a), it would be an inefficient use of the Board’s resources to institute the Nintendo IPR as the ITC investigation would be completed long before a Final Written Decision for the IPR would issue. This essentially means that any IPR filed for a patent in an ITC investigation will almost necessarily be denied, given the general timelines of ITC investigations.

4. Kangana Ranaut accused of violating copyright laws for ‘Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda’

Kangana Ranaut’s announcement of the sequel to the 2019 film, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, titled Manikarnika: The Legend of Didda took author Ashish Kaul, who has penned a biography on the ruler by surprise. Claiming that he is the sole copyright owner of the biography, the author stated that he had approached Kangana to write a foreword for the Hindi version of the book, for which he is yet to get a reply. The author in his statement also claimed that, given the recent developments, Kangana has, knowingly or unknowingly, chosen to commit an intellectual fraud and that he is deeply aghast by the actress’s actions. Apart from the famous poet Kalhana who just wrote two pages on the historical figure, Ashish claimed to be the only person who has documented her life. 

5. Bentley Ordered to Destroy Clothing in Fashion Line Trademark Row

The luxury car manufacturer Bentley has been ordered to destroy a range of clothing merchandise after losing a trademark battle with a fashion company. It was in 2019 that the High Court in England held that Bentley Motors had infringed the trademark of a Manchester – based Bentley Clothing. The consequences of this was that Bentley Motors were not allowed to sell merchandise under the name of Bentley in the British market. The High Court has now ordered Bentley to destroy all of its clothing that features the Bentley logo by 3rd February. Christopher Lees, director of Bentley Clothing, said the company was happy the matter had been resolved. “We tried to be very reasonable but it got us nowhere. They tried to extinguish our rights so our business has really suffered, but now, finally, it looks like we’ll be able to move forward at last.” he said.

6. BlackBerry, facebook Reach Settlement in Global Patent Fight

BlackBerry Ltd. had sued facebook in the year 2018, claiming that Facebook was using Blackberry’s inventions in its messaging application. In return, Facebook launched its own suit accusing BlackBerry of infringing patents for voice messaging technology. This particular case was put on hold last month in order to provide leeway for settlement talks to be carried out. BlackBerry said that it has settled the dispute with Facebook Inc. over patent royalties. BlackBerry’s spokesperson Karen Clyne said in an email, “ We have resolved our dispute to a confidential agreement and have no further comment.” 

7. IBM tops US 2020 patent list with 9130 patents, India second-highest contributor

With 9130 US patents in 2020, IBM scientists and researchers have received the most of any company, marking 28 consecutive years of leadership in the field of patents. Including Artificial intelligence, cloud, computing, and security-related patents, IBM is leading the industry. Employee inventors of India were granted 930 patents. After the US, India is the second-highest contributor to the global tally.

8. Case filed against Master producer Xavier Britto for violating copyright laws

The producer of the movie ‘Master’, Xavier Britto is in hot water after he was accused by a private company of violation of copyright law. During the audio launch of the new movie ‘Master’, the team played popular songs of Vijay from other movies from the recommendation of the fans. The audio launch was a grand affair as it was conducted in the presence of the entire cast and crew. As a result,  an FIR has been filed against him. The CBCID police have been ordered to register a case against the producer by the Madras High Court for using the songs without a license.

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