1. The Man who Claims he created Bitcoin Wins Lawsuit Over Whitepaper Copyright Claim

Australian scientist Craig Wright, who claims that he wrote the Bitcoin white paper published under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, has won a copyright case against Bitcoin.org. He forced the Bitcoin education site to remove the Bitcoin whitepaper from its website. It is the first success in his string of attempts to control who displays the Bitcoin whitepaper. The judge stated that “Cøbra,” the pseudonymous operator of Bitcoin.org, must display a notice on his website about the judgment, pay at least £35,000 ($48,600) in legal costs and remove the whitepaper from his site. Cøbra lost the case through a default judgment; he mounted no defense to preserve his pseudonymity. 

2. Adidas sues Thom Browne for ‘infringing’ their stripe trademark

Thom Browne has become the latest focus of an Adidas lawsuit over the use of stripes. The Fashion Law reports that the German sportswear company filed a trademark infringement and dilution complaint in a New York federal court claiming that Thom Browne is “selling athletic-style apparel and footwear featuring two, three or four parallel stripes in a manner that is confusingly similar to Adidas’s three-stripe mark.”

3. Bombay HC to hear copyright violation case against Kangana’s Manikarnika Returns on July 9

The case of copyright violation against Kangana Ranaut and her upcoming film, Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda will be heard in the Bombay High Court on July 9. Ashish Kaul, the author of the book titled Didda: The Warrior Queen of Kashmir had moved to the court alleging copyright infringement. Kangana Ranaut in return, filed a petition with the Bombay High Court challenging the copyright infringement case. Her lawyer argued that the FIR is based on a false case and that there was nothing that could lead to a copyright infringement.

4. If you invoke US copyright law, then be cognisant of Indian laws as well: Prasad on Twitter row

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad called for the accountability of big social media companies, on Wednesday saying that Twitter invoked a US copyright Act to block his account but it should also be cognisant of the law in India where it is operating and earning money. The minister said that Twitter had blocked his account for an hour on a complaint made four years ago under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of the US., while speaking at the India Global Forum.

5. Christian Cage Files To Trademark His Own Ring Name

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star Christian Cage recently filed an application to trademark his own ring name with the USPTO for entertainment purposes. Following the footsteps of several other AEW stars, Christian Cage had the trademark filing done through Attorney Michael E. Dockins. Christian had originally filed an application to trademark his ring name back in 2005, after which he was granted the trademark rights. However, on returning to the WWE in 2010, he let it expire by not paying enough attention. Christian made his promotional AEW debut at the company’s Revolution Event when he was revealed as the major star who had just signed a contract with them. 

6. Apple Watch faces potential ban in the US for alleged patent infringement

Apple is anticipated to face a complete ban on the sale of its Apple Watch in the US due to a patent infringement allegation. Masimo Corp, a global medical technology major, in their complaint blames Apple for using their patented technology on the Apple Watch and garnering a huge revenue from it.The complaint to the US International Trade Commission (ITC) states that the Apple Watch Series 6 infringes a total of five patents that were originally designed for devices that measure oxygen levels in the blood by transmitting light through the body. Masimo stated that the patented technology comprises its core business and blames Apple for unfairly copying the features. It further elaborates on how Apple extensively markets the technology features on the Apple Watch Series 6, portraying it as a medical device. 

7. Xiaomi Patents Clamshell – Like Foldable Phone Design, Similar to Galaxy Z Flip Series

Xiaomi is reportedly working on another foldable phone with a clamshell-like folding design. A new patent on China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) has revealed sketches of this work-in-progress model, and it looks to be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series. Xiaomi unveiled its first foldable phone – Mi Mix Fold – earlier this year, and it seems that the company is looking to foray more into this segment. The Mi Mix Fold had a book-like opening similar to that of the Galaxy Fold series. MySmartPrice has spotted the patent on CNIPA first and shared several sketches of the Xiaomi foldable phone from varied angles. As mentioned, it has a clamshell-like opening and closing with hinges seen on either of the side edges. There is a thick bezel surrounding the display edges and a pill-shaped cut out sits on the top left corner of the screen.

8. Vivo Patents Smartphone With Detachable Drone – Like Flying Camera Module

Vivo has reportedly filed a patent for a smartphone with an integrated flying camera. The camera will have the ability to detach from the smartphone and fly in the air to enable users to take photos creatively. The patent has been filed in December 2020 with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) and is titled ‘Electronic device’ for Vivo Mobile Communication. A sketch shows how the detachable flying camera will work. It will integrate batteries, camera sensors, and infrared sensors inside. LetsGoDigital was the first to spot this patent by Vivo. A sketch published in the filing shows a small compartment on the top edge of the smartphone where the detachable camera can slide in and out. This camera has four propellers to take it up in the air, a battery compartment for solo flying purposes, and a double camera system – with one sensor taking the front aerial view while the other capturing footage below. The patent notes that the camera system inside the smartphone can slide out completely from the housing together with the mounting bracket.

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