1. Taylor Swift tries to shake off lyric infringement suit

Taylor Swift has moved for a summary judgment to throw out a lawsuit that accuses her of infringing lyrics in her chart-topping single “Shake it Off”. The specific lyrics in dispute are “Playas, they gonna play / And haters, they gonna hate”, which is featured in the chorus of “Shake it Off” and Hall and Butler’s track. Swift had already filed a summary judgment with the US District Court for the Central District of California, in which the court agreed that the lyrics in the song were not original or protectable. But this initial summary judgment was later overturned following an appeal to the Ninth Circuit in 2019, giving Hall and Butler another chance to pursue their case. Swift filed her second motion for summary judgment on the lawsuit on the grounds that Hall and Butler had failed to prove a “genuine dispute of material fact”.

2. Ericsson settles patent dispute with TCL

Ericsson has settled its lengthy feud with China’s TCL Communication Technology over royalties on a patent for telecommunications inventions. In the latest development in the legal wrangle, the companies jointly filed, to dismiss the lawsuit at the US District Court at the District of California stating they reached a settlement in the case. A day earlier, the tech companies also moved to dismiss a case in Texas where Ericsson had sued TCL for patent infringements. Terms of the agreement weren’t made available in court documents. This settlement comes in the wake of the agreement between Ericsson and Samsung in May which delivered a cross-licensing deal ending all outstanding patent litigation between them over cellular technologies.

3. TikTok May Make a Comeback in India Soon as ‘TickTock’, ByteDance Trademark Application Suggests

Video sharing app, TikTok is expected to make a comeback in India following reports of its parent company ByteDance filing a trademark with the title “TickTock” on July 6, 2021. Being one of the 59 Chinese apps that the government banned in June last year, the TikTok app was pulled from app stores and became inaccessible on Indian networks. The application that was filed under Class 42 of the Fourth Schedule to Trade Mark Rules, 2002, is meant for “scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer hardware and software.” According to media reports, ByteDance has been in talks with the government on bringing TikTok back to the country. The Chinese company also assured officials that it would work to comply with the new IT rules.

4. WWE Files Trademark for John Cena Related Phrase “Earn The Day”

WWE is reported to have filed a trademark application for the phrase “Earn The Day”. The application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 19, 2021 is for a new line of merchandise, namely clothing, related to the newly returned, multiple-time WWE Champion John Cena. This is in addition to the already existing line of merchandise for Cena on his WWE Shop page that utilizes the phrase, including t-shirts, caps, sweatbands, and his signature rally towel. Cena, who returned to the WWE and confronted Roman Reigns in the closing moments of the Money In The Bank is expected to appear on both Raw and SmackDown till at least SummerSlam.

5. Patent for Improved Biodiesel Extraction Process

Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology (MJCET), Hyderabad has secured a patent for Biodiesel Production Process’ which improves the extraction process. A statement from the college said that the process was developed by M.G.V. Satyanarayana of the chemistry Department. The patented project was accomplished in different phases, starting from the extraction of biofuels from algae, then extraction of biodiesel from waste cooking oil, improvement in the extraction process to increase the yield using microwave and glass reactor, then automation of biodiesel pilot plant using continuous flow process. The produced biodiesel was tested on VCR and it produced good results as a dual fuel combination of biodiesel and diesel, said Director of MJCET Basheer Ahmed. The patents holders were felicitated by the honorary secretary of Sultan – Uloom Education Society Zafar Javeed and MJCET registrar K.V. Narshima Rao. The college has earlier got a patent on ‘Solar Powered Spinning Wheel.’

6. GM Sues Ford in Trademark Fight Over Branding Self – Driving Cars

General Motors Co. is suing its rival Ford Motor Co. for violating a trademarked driver-assist technology that’s used for hands-free features, according to a lawsuit. The automaker is taking action to protect the Cruise and Super-Cruise brands after Ford in April renamed its Co-Pilot360 automated driving system as Blue Cruise, GM said in court documents filed Friday. Talks to resolve the issue had been unsuccessful, the firm said. A Ford spokesman didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment after normal business hours. “Ford knew exactly what it was doing,” a unit of Detroit-based GM said in documents filed with the U.S. District Court Northern District of California. “If Ford wanted to adopt a new, unique, brand, it easily could have done so without using the word ‘Cruise’.”

7. BTS ‘Butter’ Has No Copyright Issues: Big Hit Music 

Amid plagiarism rumours, Big Hit Music has maintained that no copyright breach was committed in connection with BTS’ smash hit “Butter.” The music label released a statement Thursday to address the claims that have taken the internet by storm these past few days. “It has been confirmed that there are no copyright issues regarding ‘Butter.’ It is a song that was finalized and released after undergoing a process of confirming with all songwriters that there are no issues with the song, and there are also no issues currently regarding the song’s rights,” Big Hit Music, the management company behind BTS, said as per Soompi. The issue came up when Dutch DJ and composer Luca Debonaire shared the chorus of his March 2020 track titled “You Got Me Down” on his personal social media page. According to Debonaire, he purchased the topline or the melody of the song from Sebastian Garcia in 2019. Garcia is credited as one of the songwriters of “Butter,” The Korea Herald said in a report.

8. Instagram is Counting on Controversial Copyright Test to Save Its Images

(Reuters) – It’s hard to remember now, as we bob along in a relentless stream of photos of other people’s cute pets and baking triumphs, but there was once a time before Instagram – a time when there was no such job as ”influencer”, and Chrissy Teigen was just a briefcase model on Deal or No Deal. Back in those long-lost days — specifically, in 2007 — the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that accused copyright infringers are not liable for displaying digital images unless those images are actually stored on their own servers. And now Instagram is counting on that precedent to preserve a feature that has helped make it a ubiquitous presence on the internet. Instagram’s lawyers at Durie Tangri filed a motion last week to dismiss a class action by photographers who contend that the company is liable for infringement because it enabled online publishers like Buzzfeed and Mashable to display unauthorized images of their work. The thrust of their argument: Under the 9th Circuit’s reasoning in Perfect 10 v. Amazon, there simply is no infringement. It’s not clear whether Instagram had the server test in mind when it created its embedding tool in 2013. But we’ll find out in the photographers’ case just how powerful a defence the test remains 14 years after the 9th Circuit created it.

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