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Work Generated by AI Machinery – Does IP Law Protect Such Works?

By, Vivan Jhaveri and Nayanikaa Shukla INTRODUCTION Mark Mallia would never have comprehended that of the minds that would try to recreate his work one among them would be artificial. Recently, a robot named Universal Machine Artist (“UMA”) has made… Continue Reading →

The next Picasso: AI

By, Lettisha L S Introduction Perhaps John McCarthy could not have imagined the extent to which human thought would carry forward the concept when he coined the term “Artificial Intelligence” in 1955. Like bees to pollen, entrepreneurs have gravitated towards… Continue Reading →

Conferring Legal Personality on Artificial Intelligence: Determining Liability Rules

By, Samyukta Ramaswamy  The idea that humans would, at some point of time, be able to develop machines capable of “thinking” and “acting” for themselves has always been a very real possibility since the beginning of civilization.[i] Intelligent machines, or Artificial… Continue Reading →

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