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Should Compulsory Licensing for Computer Programs be allowed for the purposes of interoperability?

By, Antony Moses Introduction: Section 52 (ab) of the Indian Copyright Act sanctions the “doing of any act which is necessary for the extraction of “essential information” necessary for “operating interoperability” by a lawful possessor of a computer program, provided… Continue Reading →

The next Picasso: AI

By, Lettisha L S Introduction Perhaps John McCarthy could not have imagined the extent to which human thought would carry forward the concept when he coined the term “Artificial Intelligence” in 1955. Like bees to pollen, entrepreneurs have gravitated towards… Continue Reading →


By Afzal Mohhamad Introduction For far too long, there has been a continuous scuffle between employers and employees on the usage of the customer lists by the employees post-termination by the employer. Though sometimes bound by the legal obligations under… Continue Reading →


Ankita Aseri addresses the ambiguities contained in Sec. 38A of the Indian Copyright Act and explores inconsistencies in the Amendment and in widening the scope of the interpretation of ‘live performance’. She goes on to suggest the usage of harmonious construction to remedy these loopholes.


Sonakshi Bannerjee studies how fictional characters are a protected form of expression and imagination within IP laws. This blog post deals with the extent of protection offered by Indian Copyright laws to fictional characters. It discusses the tests and doctrines that have developed over time in deciding the scope of protection offered to fictional characters as well as the forms of work.

Are Copyright protected on Instagram & Facebook

Aman Tolwani illustrates the terms and conditions that Instagram and Facebook craft, and to which its users adhere to, which might not only be in conflict with copyright laws, but which may change at any time before the next login of the user.

All for a Snapshot – Analysing the Creativity Requirement for Photographs under Copyright Laws

Chandni Ghatak analyses the jurisprudence of the copyright regime in regard to photographs across India, USA, and the EU. She discusses the threshold of creativity required and the difficulties in establishing a standard to test creativity.

The Book Famine and the Marrakesh Treaty: Providing Access to VIPs

Apoorv KC discusses book famines and the inaccessibility of books by the visually impaired. He analyses provisions of the Marrakesh Treaty that deal with improving the accessibility of books across the world.

The Olympic Games and IPR

By Gaurav Saxena Historically, the IOC has used Olympic IPR to raise funds for the Olympic Movement. While the initial Games were predominantly supported by various National Governments and other private donations, even the first ever games did see a… Continue Reading →

The Software Patentability Conundrum: A nutshell

The grant of patents have always required that certain criteria be met, generally the trifecta of novelty , innovation and industrial applicability. What about something that can meet all the above criteria and cant be patented? Software is the most common example of this and the problems faced in patenting it is examined in this piece.

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