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From “Sweat of the Brow” to “Nichols Abstraction”: A revisitation of The R.G. Anand precedent with its Mature-Modern Implications

In this article, Shouraseni Chakraborty comprehensively covers various tests used by Indian courts in determining the extent of copyright infringement in movies.

Copyrights And Licensing In Music: Taylor Swift’s Tussle With Her Rights

Anoushka Chauhan analyzes in-depth, the mechanism of copyrights and licensing in music through Taylor Swift’s recent tussle for her rights.

Champagne And Passing Off: The Case Of Bollinger v Costa Brava Wine Co. Ltd. Revisited

Anushka Agarwal revisits the celebrated Bollinger case. She provides a detailed analysis of the Classic Trinity test laid down in this case and examines if it is still relevant. The article also explains the difference between the remedy of passing-off and trademark infringement.

Comparative Advertising and its Implications in the Present Scenario

In this article, Akhil Satheesh explains the position of the Indian law on comparative advertising, its adequacy, and the scope for betterment.

Non-Traditional Marks – A brief peek into the future

Non-traditional marks are IPRs that do not belong to the conventional trademark. In this post, Adv. Elizabeth Puthran analyzes its position in India.

Analyzing Key Challenges in Licensing 5G SEPs

Pragya Sharma has analyzed the key challenges in licensing 5G Standard Essential Patents, at a time when there is an ongoing global transition to 5G networks.

Invention Secrecy Orders: Technological Monopoly or National Interest?

Akanksha Badika and Divya Priyank have analysed the issue of invention secrecy in the US and India.

Trade Marks of Generic Domain Names: United States Patent and Trademark Office Et Al. v. Booking.Com B. V.

Agneya Gopinath explores the US Supreme Court judgement, ‘United States Patent and Trademark Office Et Al. v. Booking.Com B. V.’, in dealing with the question: Would a generic word, coupled with a domain-name suffix, be eligible for obtaining trademark protection? References have also been made to the Indian view on the subject matter.

The ‘Magical’ Conundrum: ITC Limited v. Nestle India Limited

Sabreen Hussain analyses the judgement of the Madras High Court in the recent ‘M/S ITC Limited v Nestle India Limited’ case. Apart from a focus on concepts such as ‘infringement’ and ‘passing off’, the question as to when laudatory expressions can be trademarked has also been dealt with.

Should Graffiti be Protected by Copyright?

Swati Singh, in this article, argues for affording copyright protection to graffiti regardless of its illegal nature, in the light of recent appropriation of a graffiti by the clothing brand H&M.

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