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Brexit’s Effect on IPR.

By Sushma Sosha Philip Britain’s much speculated upon vote to divorce itself from the European Union, took place on 23rd June, 2016 through a referendum. It was rather an unhappy day for Britain’s youth[1], who vented their frustration on various… Continue Reading →

Business Method Patents- Law and Reality

Savithri Rajeev introduces the concept of business method patents with relevant examples such as Amazon’s ‘One-click shopping,’ the Netflix-Blockbuster controversy, etc. The author also criticizes the position of Indian law in this regard.

The Software Patentability Conundrum: A nutshell

The grant of patents have always required that certain criteria be met, generally the trifecta of novelty , innovation and industrial applicability. What about something that can meet all the above criteria and cant be patented? Software is the most common example of this and the problems faced in patenting it is examined in this piece.

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