About the Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR)

Intellectual property has today transformed from being an abstruse and technical phrase considered to a house hold term and one of daily use. The fruits of human creativity and bundle of inventions surround us in our day to day life. The 21st century can be referred to as the century of technology, knowledge and in fact the regime of intellect. IPR plays an important role in country’s ability to translate knowledge into innovation. Innovations contribute enormously to our national and state economies thereby creating a strong backbone of the country.

Realising the importance of IPR, the National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi established the ‘Centre for Intellectual Property Rights’ (CIPR) to promote Intellectual Property awareness among students, and to encourage research in the emerging arena of Intellectual property . The Centre fosters R&D activities that blend with its central mission of intellectual pursuit as well as link related inter-disciplinary involvement to develop an intellectual law-database which would benefit the nation at large.

The main objective of the Centre is to evolve into a flagship institution of intellectual property law studies in India. The twin primary goals would be to enhance research and expertise pro-actively in novel and emerging fields of intellectual property law, as well as become a source of information and expertise on the subject to stakeholders such as inventors, research institutions, universities, various innovative industries as well as intellectual property practitioners, policy-makers and regulators.

The objective of the centre is to encourage study and research to create advanced legal materials and jurisprudence in the area of intellectual property law; to use such jurisprudence for benefit of the Indian society; to train and to certify students in the emerging field of intellectual property law and to provide orientation and refresher courses to key government personnel; to amplify and enrich the Under Graduate/Post Graduate teaching of intellectual property law at NUALS as well as other law colleges; to encourage innovative and novel endeavours of research to identify and solve problems and dilemmas in the present intellectual property administration landscape; to create and to disseminate knowledge on intellectual property law among the members of the public; to create an industry-oriented intellectual property law training centre; to utilize regional as well as State-level expertise of professionals in the domain of intellectual property law by imbibing such expertise into the centre and its activities; proactively analyze future trends and develop legal strategies and reports in the arena of intellectual property and technology laws; to facilitate simplification and understanding of intellectual property machinery and most importantly to assist the legislative and executive machinery in drafting and enforcing legislations and regulations in the field and in matters related to it.