You are required to adhere to the following policies as a contributor to The IP Site


Plagiarism or unoriginal reproduction of any content is strictly discouraged and is not tolerated at The IP Site. We look for original works from authors to enable make them to make a meaningful and resourceful contribution to the development of IP.

Unlawful Material

The IP Site strongly prohibits submissions that are copyright infringements, consisting of obscene, defamatory or otherwise unlawful material.

The IP Site also strictly discourages obscene, defamatory, or otherwise unlawful comments on posts published on the blog and will as a policy, take down such comments.

Copyright in Submissions

Authors of submissions made to The IP Site retain their copyright in the said submissions, under law. The copyright to publish the said submissions on The IP Site is required to be assigned to The IP Site, to enable us to lawfully publish your works. We shall reserve the right to edit your works, as necessary.


We value your privacy and shall maintain the privacy of your personal information that you hand over to us for identification and correspondence regarding your submissions. Only your name shall be published with the respective submission on The IP Site, to credit your submission.

In addition, some blog posts may include personal data such as the name of the author. These posts are often shared on social media including via The IP Site’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

If you would like to have your personal data removed, please contact us regarding the same.

No personal information of the author shall be permitted to be accessed by a third party, without the prior informed consent of the author.