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Opposing the legislative intent of ‘any person’ in pre-grant oppositions?

By Shivani Bisht   Introduction Pre-grant opposition is regarded as a key safeguard against over-reaching monopolies, particularly for pharmaceutical patents. To give this sufficient teeth, Section 25(1) of the Patents Act of India, expressly entitles ‘any person’ to file it… Continue Reading →

Analyzing Key Challenges in Licensing 5G SEPs

Pragya Sharma has analyzed the key challenges in licensing 5G Standard Essential Patents, at a time when there is an ongoing global transition to 5G networks.

Invention Secrecy Orders: Technological Monopoly or National Interest?

Akanksha Badika and Divya Priyank have analysed the issue of invention secrecy in the US and India.

Patents and Covid-19: Compulsory Licensing as an alternative to Revocation in Public Interest

Neeraja Seshadri and Amala Govindarajan discuss the instances where patents have been revoked in the public interest, and have argued that compulsory licensing is a more feasible alternative to the former, in light of the current pandemic.

Patentability of Inventions by AI Machines: Issues of Inventorship and Ownership

Third-year law students Kunal Bhardwaj and Rachit Tapati discuss the concepts of inventorship and ownership of inventions by AI, as part of the continuing conundrum of whether AI can hold patents as inventors.

Conflict of Western Ideas with Local Customs: Intellectual Property Regime in the Middle East

By, Mohit Kar Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”) in the Middle East are based on the idea of Western influence on foreign laws, which have now been assimilated into the local laws.[i] It is an illustration of the West’s supremacy in… Continue Reading →

Patent Law during COVID 19: The re-emergence of Compulsory Licensing

Shreya Srivastava analyses how COVID-19 which has forced the countries to shut its borders has paved the way for the re-emergence of compulsory licensing. Many countries without existing provisions for the same have amended their laws in the wake of the pandemic for better accessibility of essential items. The author also looks into the probable developments in the Indian scenario.

Patent Linkage: Conflict of Interest between Developed and Developing Countries

By, Saransh Chaturvedi   The adoption of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), which formed part of the Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization, established a minimum level of protection with respect to various forms of… Continue Reading →

The Need to Crease Out ‘Inefficacy’ under the Indian Patent Regime: An Interpretational Study of Section 3(d) in Novartis AG v. Union of India

By, Harsh Singh & Arpita Saini INTRODUCTION The Supreme Court of India delivered a landmark judgment on 1 April 2013 with the Novartis AG v. Union of India[i] case, in an appeal brought by Novartis, a Swiss-based pharmaceutical giant. The… Continue Reading →

The Indo – Japan Patent Protection Highway: A Gateway to Modern Imperialism?

By, Vismay G.R.N.   The development of patent law in various jurisdictions has been influenced by the social and economic conditions that exist in it. The patent law in India too had its own unique advancement according to its societal needs…. Continue Reading →

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